Into the Wild

The movement against the state has been riddled with a problem. It is the problem of sects – groups of individuals that have become so decisive in their own perceptions of what a stateless society would consist of that they not only claim their own anarchist sects as superior, but claim all those outside of it to be non-anarchists. It has become so problematic that it has nearly stifled all anarchist movements except when done by a singular sect. Sometimes, even those sects decide that others inside their sect are not really in their sect, and refuse to work with people inside their sect, because they are supposedly not anarchist. How much the state must enjoy that those who wish to disorganize them cannot organize themselves.

And what are we to think of these disagreements? I say we should not think very much of them. I have found that most disagreements within the anti-government movement are based almost entirely on disagreements with the definitions of terms. Terms! The disagreement on terms is a mild infraction at worst compared to the behavior of the state against its “citizens”. It is not a question of which class rules better or worse than the others, but that all classes are simply unfit to rule anyone.

No leaderless communes or freed markets have existed in order to show us how a stateless society ought to work. How are we to claim that only our distinct and very systematic preferences for a stateless society can last in the long-term? Why are we to bicker about what ought to and what ought to not be considered property when all things are owned by the state and its corporate cronies? Why do we argue about whether a stateless society would produce non-hierarchical markets, free community associations, or some mixture of the two, when a ruling class currently leads all economic systems? It is a pointless set of arguments, and it gets us nowhere in the long run.

We cannot predict the unpredictable. The state has, until this point, attempted to direct and predict and force outcomes. At a great cost, for sure! We anarchists must not follow in their footsteps at the expense of a free world. To sit around predicting and directing how one must be free is as ridiculous as if a set of people were born in a metal cage, and each were very vehement about what was outside the cage, and always said they must leave the cage, and never did. The anarchist need not be concerned about economics; the anarchist ought only be concerned about freedom.

Let us then leave our metal cage. Let us not bother with what may be past the cage, and focus on its demolition. Let us march into the wild with our lungs prepared to intake that fresh air of freedom. Let us walk barefoot into the world of liberty, with the rain and dirt of an independent earth beneath our feet. Let us go arm and arm, all anarchists united, singing as we go into the free world.


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